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As of January 1, 2014, SEEDS has merged with the Connections Education Society and has a new name, SEEDS Connections. Learn more.

SEEDS Connections provides educational programs related to leadership, environment, energy and diversity for Kindergarten to Grade 12 students acorss Canada.


SEEDS Connections, a national non-profit, charitable foundation, estimates that it has reached literally millions of Canadian students and their families since 1976.

Formerly, the SEEDS Foundation mission was “to develop and provide environmental sustainability and energy education resources to support Canadian educators as they promote student literacy and encourage their students to take personal action and societal responsibility for energy, sustainability, and the environment”.

Our tripartite board, made up of environmental, education and industry representatives, recognizes our responsibility to deliver a balanced energy and environmental message and to encourage voluntary action as a major step in societal change on topical issues. Our educational material has consistently delivered these messages. Our goal is to increase awareness, accessibility and involvement of students and other Canadians in this process.

SEEDS Connections provides a ‘bias-balanced’ perspective and is an educational resource organization, not an advocacy group. We support educators nationally, from our office based in Calgary.

We provide educational resources that are objective, easy to use, and fit with provincial and territorial curricula.

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