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Monday morning ready activities that fit with your grade curriculum.
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PILOT - Cloud Watch Challenge 2007
Students and school environment clubs are being challenged to act as “citizen scientists” by volunteering a small amount of their class time assisting in the Ground Truth of CloudSat’s observations from space. Learn about CloudSat and help atmospheric scientists pave the way toward meeting the challenge of improving human understanding of our home planet, the Earth.

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NEW! – Bird Challenge 2008
This activity is easy, fun and educational. Started in 1991, the BIRD Chllenge (Bird Identification and Recording Data) has received accolades from teachers, students and parents. Updated for 2008!

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Canadian Water Conservation Challenge 2006
The Water Conservation Challenge suggests a number of actions that everyone can do to help ensure that Canada has sufficient water to sustain our ecosystems, communities, and the economy. Free rewards for participating.

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National Writing Challenge 2006/2007 Edition
An invitation to engage students in writing with a purpose. We reward students for thinking and then sharing their writing about nature and environmental topics.

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Alberta Writing Challenge
There is no better way to proceed into the future than to inquire into Alberta’s magnificent backyard.

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One Tonne Challenge 2005/6
This simple take-home activity is designed for students ... to engage them, with the help of their family, in some simple measures they can undertake to make a difference.

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