SEEDS Challenges - Reward Your Students

SEEDS has free, "Monday morning ready" activities that fit within your grade and the curriculum. These challenges also count towards your GREEN Schools™ projects.

Free incentives for your students!

"Migration Counts" - Canadian Bird Challenge
Since 1991, the Bird Challenge is designed to involve teachers, students and parents in an enjoyable springtime event to better their understanding of the bird environment. The 48-hour bird count can be done from April through June!
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"Take the Plunge" - Canadian Water Conservation Challenge
The Water Conservation Challenge suggests a number of actions that everyone can do to learn about water and to help ensure that Canada has sufficient water to sustain our ecosystems, communities, and the economy. 
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"Write Across Canada" - Environmental Writing Challenge 
An invitation to engage students in writing with a purpose. We reward students for thinking and then sharing their writing about nature and environmental topics.
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"It's Write for Communities" - An Environmental Writing Challenge for Alberta, Saskatchewan and B.C.
Write about environmental topics relevant to your community and enter to receive "mood" pencils for your participating students.
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