It's Write for Communities

A SEEDS Environmental Writing Challenge for Saskatchewan, Alberta and B.C. Students

We welcome your  participation in "It's Write For Communities", a challenge that encourages writing about rural and community environmental issues. Click here for the brochure. This program is ongoing, as a legacy challenge supported by Alliance Pipeline.

There is no better way to proceed into the future than to inquire into your own (Saskatchewan, Alberta and B.C.’s) magnificent backyard. Enhance student understanding and preservation of their community and rural areas and extend learning of existing curricular expectations.

Much of the writing that your students do regularly in science, language arts, and social studies fits right into the SEEDS "It's Write for Communities" Challenge. To see the tables showing the connections between the program of studies and energy and the environment, click here. We are extending the challenge to include all forms of representing learning.
click here to take an idea from our list or use one of your own.

Enter your school online click here  Your classroom will receive a free mood pencil for every student.

~June 11, 2013~
Congratulations to Kerrobert Composite School, Kerrobert, SK on winning $2,013 which the grade 7 to 9 students plan to use for school yard beautification and garden projects.

~November 2, 2012~
Congratulations to Fox Creek School, Fox Creek, AB on winning $2012 for a school environmental  project; they plan to use the money to build an automatic watering system in their sustainable greenhouse!

~June 21, 2011~
Congratulations to Duncan Cran Elementary School, Fort St. John, BC on winning $2011 for a school environmental literacy project and for recently achiving Green School Status - 100 environmental projects!


The "It's Write for Communities" Challenge is a legacy program through the support of Alliance Pipeline.