Take the Plunge - A Canadian Water Conservation Challenge

"Take the Plunge" suggests a number of actions that everyone can do to help ensure that Canada has sufficient water to sustain our ecosystems, communities, and the economy. Receive free fish erasers or ruler incentives for participating.

SEEDS and Devon Canada invite your students to count water actions that conserve and preserve Canada's fresh water resources. Encourage students to save a drop here and a drop there of fresh water. It will all add up to the sustainability of Canada's most precious resource… water. Sample activities can be found inside. Any water related activities done in science, language arts, social studies, the fine arts or with your school's environment club can be counted in your tally.

It’s easy to get started!  
Download the Adobe Acrobat PDF and get started today!
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Incentives! Requests are acepted throughout the school year... tell us your class results to get your frog erasers or rulers! click here
Submit your results to SEEDS and you will receive a free incentive for each participating student.