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Program extensions

The initial goal of becoming a 'Green School' may take up to a year or more. There are three interim levels of achievement: bronze (20 projects done); silver (40); and, gold (60). Some schools decide to continue further. There are three extensions which are as follows:

The Jade Status Extension:
The goal is 250 projects total. SEEDS provides new wall charts, two new log books, door tags and information to go on to this higher level.

The Emerald Status Extension:
For schools completing their 'JADE status', it involves carrying on to 500 projects total. SEEDS provides new wall charts, log books, door tags, etc.

The Earth Status Extension:
This involves carrying on to 1000 projects total. SEEDS provides a set of optional criteria for schools continuing on to Earth Status. Schools can opt to order new log books or to use their own version of recording projects. Wall charts are available.

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