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Tips for Success
What follows are a variety of ideas that have proven to be very useful in certain schools across Canada. Not all ideas would work in any one school. Management and administration of the program must be adapted to the circumstances of your school. Some of these ideas are crucial to the success of the program for many schools.

Classroom EARS - Environmental Action Reps (students)
Usually two students per class (selected as volunteers or teacher appoints)
Appointed to the duty for a period of two weeks, a month or entire year.
Perform functions that remove any extra work from teachers.
Their duties include:
-Filling out the log sheet when a project is completed.
-Always keeping an eye out for projects to do or ones that are done.
-Taking the completed log sheet to the office or wherever the log book is kept.
-Perhaps, making an announcement over the public address system to announce the completion of the project that is written up.
-Colouring in the wall chart and writing on the appropriate line, the title of the project and the class that did it.
-Perhaps, attending a meeting (once a month or more often) to discuss progress in the program or to share ideas or to review projects done.

ANNOUNCEMENTS - Over Public Address System
Announce when projects are completed, giving the new total and the next goal - ie. to reach 'silver status at 40 projects done' if you are at 35. Students can give announcements about projects done by their classes. They can read the descriptive information from the back of the log sheet to describe the project.

Circulate ENVIRONMENTAL TROPHY daily or weekly
Some schools have the trophy go to the last class to complete a project leaving it with them until the next class makes an announcement. They then take the trophy to that class so that it is always in circulation. In some schools the trophy is kept by a class only for one day and then is returned to the office or library to go on display with the log book. Principals sometimes use the opportunity to hand deliver the trophy to classes as a measure of goodwill for the actions taken.

Momentum is key to the success of the program. Every opportunity to celebrate should be taken. Use school assemblies as key times to bestow certificates and to recognize the attainment of levels like bronze (20), silver (40) or gold (60). Students can wear blue and green and student leaders can show/ present the trophy to the students. Acknowledge the involvement of certain classes that finish their fifth or 10th projects. Put the door tags in places where they will be seen to show the success of individual classes.

Try to always have existing PLANS & GOALS
A goal might be to complete at least two per week and a minimum of 10 projects per month.
-The plan might be to have a different theme focus for activities each month of the year.
-A goal might be to complete 100, 250 or 500 projects by a certain month or year.
-Planning might include a five minute update for new ideas at each staff meeting.

Take lots of PICTURES
Children love to see themselves working on environmental projects and so do their parents.

We encourage schools to share their project ideas with SEEDS so that we can pass them on to schools across Canada. SEEDS will email you monthly ideas if you wish. If you haven’t already done so, just provide your email address and we will provide monthly green activities to one or all staff members at your school.

**Funding for school projects is available…contact our office for an extensive list of where to get funding for your school through Canadian organizations.

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