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SEEDS estimates that we have reached literally millions of Canadian students and their families during the past 30 years.

The mission statement of the SEEDS Foundation is “to support Canadian educators in promoting student literacy and active personal and societal responsibility for energy, sustainability and the environment”.

SEEDS develops educational resources that are bias balanced, easy to use, and fit with provincial and territorial curricula.

Present programs include:

CREATING A CLIMATE OF CHANGE – Multimedia kit on Climate Change. Over 2,000 Canadian high schools have a copy of this program

- TEACHING ACTIVITIES FOR CLIMATE CHANGE – Activity component for Creating a Climate of Change. Currently being piloted.

- GREEN SCHOOL PROGRAM – Environmental stewardship program for elementary students. Over 5500 schools registered and over 550,000 environmental projects completed since 1990

- GREEN SCHOOLS FOR MIDDLE GRADES - Extended GREEN Schools material for junior high curriculum.

- ONE TONNE CHALLENGE – Focuses on awareness and reduction of Greenhouse Gas emissions. Over 3766 households participated last year, we hope to have more than 4000 participate this year

– Encourages environmental awareness through student writing, we have had 43,219 student entries since September 2000

- BIRD CHALLENGE – Bird conservation and preservation through a 24-hour bird count. Over 5600 students participated last year, we hope to have 6000 students participate this year

- ENERGY LITERACY SERIES – Explores 10 sources of energy.

Programs currently being updated and created include:

– energy reality game

Our tripartite board, made up of environmentalists, educators, and industry representatives, recognize our responsibility to deliver a balanced energy and environmental message and to encourage voluntary action as a major step in societal change on topical issues. SEEDS material has consistently delivered these messages. Our goal is to increase awareness, accessibility and involvement of students and other Canadians in this process.

The SEEDS Foundation provides a ‘bias – balanced’ perspective and is an education organization not an advocacy group.

The SEEDS Foundation has grown to be a national organization based in Calgary.

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