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The Connections Education Society and SEEDS have merged to become SEEDS Connections and continue to offer the CONNECTIONS™ Program to schools across Alberta. With the support of Cenovus Energy, this unique program supports in-depth learning about diversity and leadership. 

CONNECTIONS™ helps high school students develop understanding, awareness and action related to multiclultural and environmental issues that they face in their world. The objectives are to:

  • Expand awareness of diversity issues and foster cross-cultural understanding;
  • Work together to combat ethnocentrism, stereotyping, racism, prejudice, and discrimination;
  • Initiate activities to affect positive change;
  • Empower students to develop and utilize their personal leadership skills;
  • Enhance understanding of multicultural and environmental concerns; and
  • Connect with the natural environment.

The program includes three components: pre-trip online work and related activities, a four day residential experience, and post-trip online work and final project. This program aligns with several learning outcomes in the Career and Technology Studies (CTS) Program of Alberta Learning and allows students to obtain course credits upon completion.

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This program is made possible thanks to Cenovus Energy, our lead supporter.