Creating a Climate of Change

The issue of climate change has been increasingly discussed by both scientists and industry since the mid-1990s. The SEEDS Foundation has developed a multimedia program called "Creating a Climate of Change". This comprehensive package of instructional resources is designed to help students to develop an understanding of the concepts of climate change and the skills to deal with the issues involved. Distribution to Canadian high schools commenced in April, 2002. We have already distributed kits to over 2,200 Canadian high schools. In this changing world we will be constantly updating or adding information as necessary, our most recent update occurred in April 2003.

The Program Learning Outcomes:
[1] Weather and climate;
[2] Greenhouse effect, greenhouse gases and global warming;
[3] Global climate change and its effects on the biosphere and the adaptability of organisms;
[4] Social, political and economic factors associated with global climate change;
[5] Natural and human factors affecting global climate and the relationship to our energy use and land resources.
[6] How to analyze the evidence from the past and models of future projections of climate change;
[7] National and international activities dealing with the prospect of climate change;
[8] The importance of and how to develop strategies and personal initiatives at home, in the workplace and in transportation in responding to the prospect of climate change; and
[9] Research skills in accessing and evaluating data on climate change.

The multimedia kit includes:

Teacher’s Resource Guide
A comprehensive teacher’s resource guide including direction for each of the 7 Modules. This guide also provides suggestions on how to use the video as well as discussion questions to be used during the pause breaks throughout the video. Background information provides additional information useful for the discussion of the topics in the video.

For a sample section from the teacher’s resource guide please click here.

Information on Provincial and Territorial Curricula
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These full colour transparencies are based on the tables and graphs presented in the video and the teacher’s resource guide. For reference, the transparency number is indicated in the text and the caption of the figures and tables in the resource guide.

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The CD-Rom contains PDF file versions of the transparencies and the teacher’s guide. Also included is a PowerPoint presentation for the teachers to access and adapt for their instruction.

The video (available in VHS and DVD format) has a 52 minute running time which is divided into seven modules to allow for "stop and discuss" viewing. It is recommended that viewing be divided into modules so that discussion of the module just viewed can occur. The video is divided as follows:

    * Introduction (3:25 min)
    * Module 1 – Weather and Climate (5:00 min)
    * Module 2 – But are we Heating Up? (7:00 min)
    * Module 3 – The Past and the Future (10:35 min)
    * Module 4 – A Global Issue (5:45 min)
    * Module 5 - The Developing World and Emissions Trading (4:10 min)
    * Module 6 – Adaptation and Mitigation (5:10 min)
    * Module 7 – New Technology and Energy Efficiency (10:05 min)

For a video sample of the Introduction, please
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