Who? What? Why? When? How?

The former SEEDS (Society, Environment and Energy Development Studies) Foundation, now SEEDS Connections developed the latest web-based Energy Literacy Series.

The new Energy Literacy Series explores the sources, uses, technologies, and issues of different types of energy. The details include:

    * Introduction to energy and information about ten energy sources
    * Up-to-date information on emerging energy sources
    * Bias-balanced information on Canadian energy production and issues
    * Analyses of harnessing and converting different types of energy
    * Specifically correlated to Canadian programs of study
    * Engaging and user friendly
    * High quality diagrams, images, and animations
    * Small segments of textual information have rollovers and pop-up screens that show additional descriptions, diagrams, and photos
    * Animated text is also presented audibly with an on-screen volume control
    * Web screens use flash animation that is accessible with low bandwidth connections such as a 56k telephone modem.

Teacher focus groups requested:

    * Non-print student instructional resources
    * Graphic and animation-based instruction
    * Virtual tours of energy source locations, sites, and facilities

The program is complete and accessible
here and at the Centre for Energy’s web portal.

SEEDS Foundation has conducted conference presentations and workshops to inform and in-service teachers. Energy companies may find the Energy Literacy Series useful as a background for their employees.

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