Here's what you get with the highly acclaimed GREEN Schools™ kit:

An Idea Book
- This book contains numerous great ideas for many environmental projects. Now available online by registering at

A Program Resource Manual
- This addition to the kit explains how to utilize the program and guides teachers with information and ideas for doing environmental projects in their classroom and school.
Now available online by registering at

An Environmental Trophy
- It is given out to the participating students (usually a class) each time a project is completed.
- The trophy is reused over and over again.

An Environmental Log Book
- It contains 25 blank formatted log or project pages for students to record and autograph each time a project is done. 
Obtain more pages here.
- Room is provided on the project pages for an illustration and a project description.
- In many schools, students read the descriptions over the public address system to announce a project to the entire school.

A Hallway Progress Chart
- The chart can be coloured as projects are done.
- The titles of projects can be written on the chart along with the class responsible.
- The chart acts like a thermometer to illustrate the progress towards the goal of 100 projects completed.

A Set of 100 Door Tags
- They are given out to a class each time a project is added to the logbook.
- They are posted (perhaps on a classroom door).
- The 'doortags' also can be used as postcards.
- They can be sent out when the school becomes a green school.

A Set of Environmental Certificates
- There are four certificates in the new registration kit.
- They allow schools to celebrate interim levels of achievement:
- BRONZE at 20 projects,
- SILVER at 40 projects, and
- GOLD at 60 projects.
- Also enclosed is the GREEN School certificate for completing the 100th project.

An Inflatable SEEDS Earth Ball
- This is a 16 inch (40 cm) diameter inflatable ball.
- It can be suspended from the ceiling to be part of the special area in the school where your log book is put on display.

REQUEST LATER - A Large GREEN Schools™ Banner
- This is a beautiful green banner which can be displayed in a place of honour in the school.
- It is not sent in the GREEN Schools™ kit, but held by the SEEDS Foundation in anticipation of the school's success in logging projects.
- Students or staff get in touch with SEEDS once 75 or more projects have been recorded. The banner is then sent along with letters of congratulations.

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