What are GREEN Schools™ Projects?

How would you define what can be a project? Are there criteria that can guide teachers?
The criteria and most significant words for defining projects is contained in the following statement:
Students are required to take Action to enhance the environment, to communicate to others about the environment, or to demonstrate the wise and sustainable use of resources that make up that environment.

We consider a project to be an environmental initiative conducted by a "group" of students.  Accordingly, a "classroom" project would count as one project.  If the entire school, consisting of five classrooms, completes the same project, this would count as five projects for your GREEN Schools™ tally.

Examples of possible projects:
-Hallway displays on nature themes
-Schoolyard plantings
-Schoolyard litter pick-up
-Share songs on the environment
-Recycling and reusing common objects to make bird feeders

For further project ideas, please register at greenschools.ca to see the GREEN Schools™ Idea Book and what other schools are doing for environmental activities.

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