Order a GREEN Schools™ or Program Extension Kit

New Free GREEN Schools Option as of March 2013

We are getting GREENER! The GREEN Schools Teacher Resource Manual and Idea Book are now available online at no cost. Please register at greenschools.ca. You will receive a confirmation email and then you can log in to access these resources, track and share your environmental projects online, see what other schools are doing and much more.  If you still wish to get the other components of the kit, you can order a modified kit below, (includes the GREEN Schools environmental trophy, inflatable Earth ball, 100 Earth stickers, 100 postcards, and a progress chart for tracking projects). Certificates will be sent to you via email and banners and badges will be mailed when you update your project achievements at greenschools.ca.

If you still wish to order a kit...

How much does the GREEN Schools™ Kit cost?
FULL Kit: Cost = $85.00 + $12.00 postage = $97.00 
(The kit is heavily subsidized by SEEDS sponsors.)

MODIFIED Kit: Cost = $50.00 + $10.00 postage = $60.00 (Please state "modified kit" in the Comments section of the form below)

How do I order a GREEN Schools™ or Program Extension Kit?
To order, either:

1] Fill out the form below and click Submit Form, or 

2] Print and fill out the Order form:
click here and mail contact info or fax it to 1-403-221-0876. We will enclose an invoice in the kit.

Has your school been registered in the past?
If you wish to inquire about your status in the program or have any questions, please
email or call us toll free: 1-800-661-8751.

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