GREEN Schools™ Testimonials

The following are testimonials received from active schools in the GREEN Schools

"Working with SEEDS Green School program has been successful because it has increased environmental awareness of the student body and staff." - Jodi Levesque, Marlborough School, Windsor, ON

SEEDS Green School program has been good for our school. It has helped us realize all that we already do for the environment and all that we can do within our school. Keeping track has also been an incentive."
- M. J. Bedard, Collettville School, Merritt, BC

SEEDS Green Schools program gave us our initial kick start into environmental activities. It has provided us with a focus and continued support and inspiration. We now use the web site and emailed ideas. The students always love the stickers! Keep those coming!" - June Jacobs, Canyon Meadows Elementary, Calgary, AB

SEEDS program works because the students see that their activities have immediate rewards. The goal setting aspect works and the students like to write their projects for the binder. The newsletter is very helpful as well as the web site. Using the email makes communication so much easier." - Tina Holroyd, New Lowell P. S., New Lowell, ON

"Working in the
SEEDS Green School program has been successful because of the commitment of the kids and staff and the fact that it is fun as well as educational. We appreciate the freebees that help as incentives for our students.... We will continue on in the Green School program. We are working towards Emerald status (500 environmental projects)." - Bob Rondeau, Beausejour Elementary, Beausejour, MB

"Working with the Green School program has developed caring and conscientious attitudes in many of our students re how to care for our environment." - Yvonne Cyr, Whitewood School, Whitewood, SK

"Working with
SEEDS Foundation has been successful because:
a] You are teacher friendly.
b] You provide us with all the material needed (log book, flag, stickers, etc.)
c] Your suggestions are great (HEAT Challenge)
d] You quickly acknowledge our efforts. This gives us an incredible boost! You are one of a kind.
e] Schools are always under funded and environment committee are usually really poor. You provide us with freebies!!! Thank you! They are appreciated." - Yvonne Smith/Danielle Hawkins, St. Clare Catholic School, Orleans, ON

"I think it has made our students more aware of environmental issues and gave them some ownership as part of the solutions." - Sharon Kramer-Dales, Mother Teresa School, Walkerton, ON

"Excellent resources and support" - Ruth Charette, Overlanders School, Edmonton, AB

"You have given us much support through ideas emailed to me and on your web site. The list is endless and we have only scratched the obvious." -Ed Betterton, Edwin S. Richards Elementary, Mission, BC

"We are just starting on our Green School program. Getting the whole school involved has been very beneficial. We have accessed the web site and we are also on the green email. Thank you." - Janet Alder, St. Leonard School, Manotick, ON

"The Green School program is very challenging. It also empowers students to do even more." - Colleen Carter, Richelieu Valley Regional High School, Longueuil, QC

"We plan on continuing with the Green School program--hopefully with even more enthusiasm! The Challenge activities are great. The ideas that come via email are wonderful as well. The children were thrilled to receive their stickers and $25.00 writing award!! It is a great motivator for them to do more." - Tara Anderson, Steffie Woima Elementary, Sylvan Lake, AB

"Our thanks to you at
SEEDS for your keeping the environment as an enduring cause for all of us". - Gerard Rumsey, St. Francis of Assisi School, St. John's, NL

"Sheets easy to complete, information easily understood, and easy to access." - W. Allsopp, Lawrence Grassi School, Canmore, AB

"The Green School program has been a success because students and staff members are becoming aware of environmental concerns and what they can do to help. I enjoy the web site and extra activities that are sent to me." - T. Unreiner, Schuler School, Schuler, AB

"Most importantly our involvement in the program has increased awareness of green initiatives and has students thinking about what they can do to make a difference in their world. My class participates in the monthly writing challenges and we have won several times (great program!) I do access the web site and have shared it with other staff members. I am on the email list--good ideas." - Alison L. Robbins Jakes, Forest GroveSchool, Saskatoon, SK

"Everything has been going well. The
SEEDS program has really got the kids excited about helping the environment." - Kristine Leonhardt, Almadina Charter School, Calgary, AB

"We do plan to continue with the Green School program. Our goal is to reach Earth status (1,000 environmental projects) by June. We are very close to achieving this goal.... We are on the
SEEDS email list and appreciate the green activities for the classroom." - Wanda Webber, George Bissett Elementary, Dartmouth, NS

"It has made students and community aware of needs and responsibility in looking after environment." - Madeline Courtman, South Beiseker Colony School, Beiseker, AB

"What makes
SEEDS program special is it is student driven and the students are energetic to do projects." - Jennie Jolly, Cambridge & District Elementary, Cambridge Station, NS

"Makes people aware of the positive environmental actions they take daily and encourages others to make some changes in their lives." - Kamal Kipfer, Highgate Public School, Markham, ON

SEEDS is successful because it is very patient and understanding of constant change in school staffing and they support, encourage ongoing commitment. Also, they continually spark awareness or rekindle environmental interest." - Kathy Newman, Colonel Macleod School, Calgary, AB

"I would say that you have opened the door to environmental awareness here and brought about positive change at our school (and hopefully more community awareness as well)." - Robin Genthon, J. W. Inglis Elementary, Lumby, BC

SEEDS program provides great support and offers realistic incentives for our students." - Dr. Diane Zukala, Kent Road School, Winnipeg, MB

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