What's New at SEEDS?

May 2014
The SEEDS Foundation has merged with another charity, Connections Education Society to become SEEDS Connections. All of our great programs are still available. Please visit our new website to learn more.

June 2012
GREEN Schools Program - Jade Status for École Edwards Elementary School
École Edwards Elementary School in Airdrie, AB has just achieved Jade Status. They would like to share their project ideas with other GREEN Schools™ participants. They have cleverly tracked their projects online with a blog at: http://edwardsgreenprojects.blogspot.ca/. Thanks École Edwards!

April 2012

Earth Day - Andrew Sibbald School, Calgary AB

Students at Andrew Sibbald celebrated Earth Day with an Assembly put on by the grade three students. Andrew Sibbald students were excited to receive their Earth Banner earned by completing 1000 actions. Linda Finlay, the SEEDS GREEN School™ Strategist presented the banner to the students at the assembly.

Andrew Sibbald teacher and Environment Club sponsor, Michelle Berry and Linda
Finlay hold up the banner for all the students to see.

 Earth Day at Haldane Elementary in Chase B.C.

Mrs. Schill (teacher) , Grade 3 student Kalaya Farrell, and Chase Secondary High School Helper Meghan Johnstone
planting flowers at Chase Museum at Haldane's 22nd Annual Earth Day Celebration Friday, April 20, 2012.

April, 2011 
GREEN Schools Program - Earth VI Status for Haldane Elementary School

Haldane Elementary School in Chase, BC has just become the first school in Canada to complete 6,000 actions and became an Earth VI School. They celebrated this achievement in conjunction with Earth Day. In the photos are some of the Haldane Green Kids Club and Environmental Mind Grind team-members and Mrs. Melnychuk preparing for their 21st Annual Earth Day Celebration on Thurs. April 21, 2011. Keep up the fabulous environmental efforts, Haldane!

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February, 2011 
GREEN Schools - Earth Status for Ecole KLO Middle School
Congratulations to Ecole KLO for their Earth Status achievement. Here is the student write-up from their newsletter:

Three years ago, Mme Hamilton’s Green TAG students started tallying green actions done at our school. The first year we tallied 100 green actions and we earned the Green Status from SEEDS Canada.  The second year, we tallied 250 greens actions and earned the Jade Status. We tallied 500 green actions last year and earned the Emerald Status. This past January, we earned the EARTH Status with a total of 1000 green actions.  Some of the green actions are: collecting and composting fruit and vegetable, recycling used batteries, turning off the lights in classrooms, planting native plants, shrubs and trees, started a vegetable garden, building Bluebird boxes and bat boxes, participating in the Environmental Mind Grind, Adopt-a-Stream program, saving the Western Painted turtles, and 991 more. SEEDS Canada will send us a banner that will be displayed in front of the office. We are now working towards our EARTH Status II with 1000 more green actions to go. Our future goals are to restore Fascieux creek that runs behind our school and to plant more native trees, shrubs and plants.

Earth Status at Ecole KLO School Click to enlarge

May 6, 2010 
It's Write for Communities Winner - Kerrobert Composite School
Congratulations to Kerrobert Composite on winning $2010 and a SEEDS GREEN Schools Kit!

April 22, 2010 
GREEN Schools Program - Rosser Elementary

Congratulations on achieving Earth IV on Earth Day!
Rosser Elementary is truly amazing in the projects it has accomplished with a small student population. It is to be commended on its energy, enthusiasm and environmental leadership. As of EARTH Day, Rosser Elementary has completed 4070 projects - Grade Ones wrote about making toys out of cardboard boxes, another Grade 1 made a YouTube video about cleaning up garbage and the Grade 3-4 class made an animal alphabet book for the Kindergartens. The children have completed some very interesting projects, for example, as a school they have found a place that takes alkaline batteries and the community is now making an effort not to throw them in the garbage. Rosser Elementary is an idle free school too.

April 1, 2010 
SEEDS welcomes a new Executive Director March 1! 

Diane Field, an experienced Calgary educator, most recently was the Principal who opened Centennial High School in the Calgary Board of Education. Diane has worked as a teacher, curriculum supervisor, and school administrator. She is passionate about learning and helping students to become critical and creative thinkers. She has been very involved in a number of professional bodies, as a member of Alberta Education Advisory Committees, and in numerous volunteer activities in the community.  Diane looks forward to advancing the work of the SEEDS Foundation in biased balanced energy and environmental education. 

March 22 - 25, 2010 
Run for Water - Events at 3 Alberta Schools 

In coordination with the United Nations World Water Day (March 22nd), The SEEDS Foundation, with Devon Canada Corporation, is hosting water celebration events at schools in three communities in Northern Alberta (Lloydminster, Lac la Biche, and Ardmore). The events are aimed at educating students on water conservation habits that they can do as part of their daily routine to help preserve our fresh water resources. Check back in April for photos from these events!

October, 2009 
GREEN Schools Program - Earth V Status for Haldane Elementary School

Congratulations to Haldane Elementary School in Chase, BC who became the first school in Canada to complete 5,000 actions and became an Earth V School. SEEDS is pleased to announce that Haldane School in Chase, BC is the first Earth 5 School in Canada, having logged 5,000 environmental projects. They began the SEEDS’ Green Schools Program in 1992.  This photo shows some Haldane students and teachers proudly showing their new Earth 5 trophy which features a glass globe on a glass base. What an inspiration you are, Haldane!

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June 26, 2008 
Write On! Alberta - $2,500 Awarded to Aurora Charter School

Aurora Charter School in Edmonton, AB. received $2,500 when their entry was drawn from the Write On! Challenge insert, in which they told us and the RBC Foundation how they would become "greener". They are using the money to buy special color-coded recycling bins for metals, plastics, paper, and beverage containers for all classrooms and high traffic areas. A composting program is also in the works. Great work, Aurora!

June 16, 2008 
Environmental Literacy - $2,008 Awarded to Lumsden Elementary School

Lumsden Elementary School in Lumsden, Sask. received $2,008 for a school environmental project. In 2007-08, SEEDS partnered with Alliance Pipeline, and SaskPower to develop and deliver an Environmental Literacy Challenge, offering a $2,008 reward to a participating Saskatchewan school. This Challenge provided an opportunity for Kindergarten to Grade 9 students, together with their families and teachers, to write about an environmental project that they would like to implement in their school or community. We look forward to hearing more about your project, Lumsden! 

April 25, 2008
GREEN Schools Program - Earth III and Water Challenge Celebration
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Westglen Elementary School in Edmonton, AB celebrates a great achievement, 3,000 actions - Earth III status - in the GREEN Schools Program. They also participated in our Water Conservation Challenge, sponsored by Devon Canada, and completed 1,989 water saving actions. Congratulations!


April 22, 2008 
GREEN Schools Program - Earth Status Celebration

Heritage Regional High School in St. Hubert, QC, are the first school in Quebec to achieve Earth status (1,000 actions) in the GREEN Schools Program. The school engaged in many projects includind recyclying eyeglasses, plastic and aluminium tabs, batteries, egg cartons, and more. They also do worm composting and breed praying mantises to eat harmful pests in local gardens, reducing chemical use. What an achievement, Heritage!

October 3, 2007 
GREEN Schools Program - Earth Status Celebration

Strawberry Vale Elementary School in Victoria, BC, celebrated their Earth status achievement (1,000 actions) in the GREEN Schools Program. Education Minister Shirley Bond was also present to announce that the BC Government was providing SEEDS GREEN Schools kits free to requesting schools during the 2007-08 school year.